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Need a little help?

Check here for quick articles to help you find your way around the site. We will continue to add to this page, however if you do not see what you’re looking for, feel free to Contact Us for assistance.

How to Create a New Account

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Getting Started:

  • Under “Services” in the top navigation bar, click the “Email Notifications” option.
  • In the right hand column is a form to create a new property search and sign up for an account, at the same time.
    • Check the CAPTCHA field near the bottom first. If it is difficult to read, refresh the page to load another one.
    • Important: CAPTCHA is case-sensitive. Please type uppercase and lowercase letters exactly.
  • The top half is a basic search field, and the bottom half is the new account field.

Create Your First Property Search:

  • Fill out the form with your parameters for a basic property search.
  • Only the “Location” field is required. You have several options:
    • Click “View All” to see a drop-down menu of city names.
    • Begin typing a city or zip code, and select the matching city or zip code from the drop-down menu.
    • You may also click the “Draw on Map” option to create a search based on geological area. The map will Display the Hood Canal area by default.
      • Zoom in or out as desired, and click or tap the map to begin drawing your search area.
      • To finish drawing your search area, click on your starting point to close the polygon.
      • You can edit your search area by clicking (or tapping) and dragging any point (the white squares) in the search area to a new location. New points will appear automatically as you edit your search area.
    • Important: For best results, you must select an option from the drop-down menu (or use the “Draw on Map” option) to continue. At this time, the Location field does not always recognize a typed city name or zip code, and may return an error for your search if an item is not selected from the drop-down menu.
    • Select how often you would like to receive auto-notification emails. The system will send them daily by default, or you can select “Advanced Schedule” to choose particular days of the week to receive your emails.
    • You may also create a more detailed search by clicking the “More Search Options” button at the bottom of the search field. It will take you to an advanced search page, with the account signup fields below.

Create Your New Account:

  • Your First Name, Last Name, Email, new Password, and passing the CAPTCHA are required to create an account.
  • Please remember to give your new search a descriptive name at the end of the form.
  • When you are finished creating your new search and filling out account information, click “Sign Up” at the bottom of the form.

Activate Your Account:

  • After you click “Sign Up”, you should receive a success message.
  • Finish setting up your account – and edit your search – by clicking the link in the confirmation email sent to the email address you provided.
  • The link will bring you into the Property Organizer section of the site. Here you can update your account information, change your password, view saved searches or favorite listings, and more.
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